About Us

After adopting our family’s most recent PUP, I started looking for a collar and leash that would match his personality.  Like our other 2 rescues, he was named after our favorite Nintendo characters. I tried finding Mario and his 2 sisters, Peach and Zelda, collars that reflected their namesakes but, I had no luck.  So, I learned how to make my own.  I bought some cute Nintendo fabrics and sewed them onto webbing, added some buckles & hooks and voilà!  They were a hit! Some of those original collars are seen in the photo above.  This began my obsession with pet accessories.  

I then wanted to take it a step further and come up with my own designs.  I asked my daughter to create some drawings for me which I then turned into our "Beware of Dog" and "Dia del Perro" prints. I began playing around with many different designs, fabrics and hardware; drawing on my love of art and my degree in Art History.  The final product is the collection here on our website.  I have meticulously designed every print we offer at Power Up Pets and I am excited to share them with you.   

At PUP we are inspired by the art all around us.  From the gallery to the streets we feel that every art form is meaningful and deserves to be celebrated.  We draw our inspiration in so many ways.  Local artists, music & film, museums & art fairs, graphic design & street art, to name a few. Many of our designs reflect our hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

It was also very important for us to have high quality hardware that you can count on.  While Zelda & Peach are pretty docile girls, Mario is a handful!  I wanted hardware that looked good on all of them but could also handle a rambunctious Pit Bull.  All of our hardware is made from anodized zinc alloy for extra durability, while remaining lightweight for your dog's comfort.  Our leashes have a special carabiner-style snap hook that locks in place for added security.  The last thing you need to worry about is your family’s safety!  We also took great care to choose finishes that we felt were beautiful and original.  You can be sure that your PUP will be safe while remaining stylish!

We hope you find our accessories as unique as your best friends.



Founder & Designer of Power Up Pets